House Of Cards

A 3333 piece collection. Which pays rewards from our Casino and poker sites.

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What is
House of cards?

House of cards is a collection of 3333 unique playing card NFT's. However the art is the least important thing about the collection. We have our own casino and poker websites. Holders will gain rewards directly from these sites through our staking website. We are constantly upgrading and adding upon our sites until we become market leaders in the industry.

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This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take House of cards. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on.

1. Phase 1

- Create Discord, Website, Twitter and other socials.
- Create the artwork.
- Open mint to early investors.
- Launch our crypto casino. Profits from the site will be rewarded to NFT Holders through our staking website.
- Start a secondary whitelist. WL will allow for 50% discounted mint.
- Launch our poker site.
- Launch staking website.
- 24 hour presale for WL.
- Open public mint for 1 Sol

2. Phase 2

- Run marketing campaigns.
- Upgrade casino and poker sites to be market leaders.
- Launch a second collection of 3333 NFT’s
- Start an exchange and trading platform.
- Launch HOC token and airdrop to all holders.

Liam Kemp


Matthew Hopper


Charlie Scollett


Christopher Busch


Frequently Asked Questions

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Why House of cards?
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